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In order to maximize the efficiency of your business processes, it is crucial to have a smooth integration between the DynamicWeb platform and your Uniconta.

Advantages of the Connector

With the DynamicWeb Uniconta Connector, which is an integration with all the standard functions, you can achieve a number of advantages.

First of all, you can save time and minimize the risk of errors by eliminating manual data entry, and by automating the transfer of orders, invoices and other information between Dynamicweb and Uniconta, you can reduce the workload and free up resources for other important tasks.

Another advantage of Dynamicweb Uniconta integration is the opportunity to create a coherent and consistent customer experience.

The connector ensures that your Dynamicweb platform is automatically enriched with updated data from your Uniconta about products, inventory, any warehouse locations and customer relationships, just as customers get access to their customer-specific prices and discounts in the correct currency.

This gives you the opportunity to deliver personalized offers and create stronger customer relationships.

The connector – selected data

Uniconta -> DynamicWeb
Product data
Parts lists
Price matrix (customer-specific prices/discounts, etc.)
Payment terms
Users, user groups
Warehouse (possibly several warehouses)

DynamicWeb -> Uniconta

Uniconta -> DynamicWeb kundecenter
Customer data

Versioning 1.2
DynamicWeb 9 All-in-One Business eCommerce from 9.10 Custom
DynamicWeb 9 All-in-One Business PIM from 9.10 Custom
DynamicWeb 10 eCommerce
DynamicWeb 10 PIM

Uniconta from Update 89




Dkr. 2.000,-

License per month

Dkr. 1.600,-

This includes the delivery of the package, as well as instructions for the partner who must set up the connector.

Onboarding package

Dkr. 5.000,-

Our onboarding package is an optional product that includes 5 hours of assistance for the partner who needs to set up the connector.

Support per hour

Dkr. 1.200,-

You can opt for ongoing support for setting up the integration.

The prices are excl. VAT.

The connector is an integration between DynamicWeb and Uniconta. There is an interface in DynamicWeb that you use to set it up and in which you configure it. The connector can be set up by a DynamicWeb partner without the use of a Uniconta partner.

The Connector itself

The DynamicWeb Uniconta integration is a connector that ensures that products, prices, etc. gets correctly into Uniconta, which gets the order data back, and which sends invoices and credit notes back to DynamicWeb in the customer's customer center.

The connector is easy to install, flexible, and scalable.

The connector is set up directly in DynamicWeb and does not require the customer's Visma.NET partner to be involved in establishing the integration. There is good documentation that makes it easy to implement.

The connector is delivered pre-configured.

The connector comes with pre-configured data integration jobs for standard DynamicWeb fields, and if the solution needs to use custom fields (called "properties" in Visma.net terminology) from Visma.NET, they are automatically included.

After the setup, it just needs to be tested and deployed.

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