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Securing traffic on your financial website is not the end goal. In order to be successful it is vital to turn your visitors into leads.

In this context you can ask yourself: “Are you capturing enough sales opportunities from your website traffic?”

Leads are obviously essential to your business, due to them being potential investors on your platform if we can get them to sign up. The first step is to identify them. We evaluate where each lead are in their decision-making process and what information they require to be convinced in investing through your website.

At Flex Media, we help you generate and identify leads and provide advice on which tools you can utilize. Perhaps they need specific incentives before signing up such as bonuses, increased leverage rates, discounts or a free of professional charges first day of website use. Flex Media will help you clarify.

The more leads generated, the more will convert to active clients, investors and partners on your platform.

Attract more investors to your site


Holder hvad de lover

Vi har haft brugt en del forskellige SEO partnere, men det er kun Flex Media, som har holdt hvad de har lovet, og som følger løbende op på samarbejdet med møder m.m.

Vi får også løbende rapporter med statistik, så vi selv kan følge med i vores placeringer på Google. Vi kan klart anbefale Flexmedia.

IT admin / CIO Frank Sondrup, Granzow A/S

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